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Only the best is good enough for AUSTIN HOMES.

We collaborate with excellent, reliable tradesman and therefore we are able to provide the highest standard of work possible, with attention to detail being key.

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It's all about our customer

Whether building a new home, or extending your existing home we understand that it is a personal journey, as well as one that can be quite stressful. We have carried out construction of residential homes including display homes across Perth, we understand our clients and like to build a relationship with them.

Why choose

You would only deal with myself at all times throughout the whole project, from the first break of soil to the handing over of your keys



Personalised service

We would sit down, design your home, then AUSTIN HOMES would obtain all of the relevant paperwork, such as working drawings, engineering, geo-tech reports, shire approvals, licenses etc

We will follow your lead

Whether you are looking to subdivide your block, build a new home or extend your existing home, or a combination of the above, we can help and will support you in the process

Varnishing the Deck

Let's connect

Already have your own plans? No problem, give us a call or send us an email, and let's get started!


Our Quality Guarantee

AUSTIN HOMES offers a variety of services for the residential market. We have experience in all aspects of building, as well as passion to share our knowledge. We use only the best trades.


Your satisfaction is our priority.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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